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This session is performed on a comfortable, futon-style mat on the floor. You, the receiver, remain clothed and mostly passive. The practitioner uses direct muscle pressure combined with movement of your joints to release restricted movement patterns and loosen you up! Thai massage is helpful to clients who ​​​​​​

  • desire to increase mobility and move/open their body in new ways
  • are able to lie down on a mat on the floor
  • are ready to receive assisted yoga-style stretching
  • experience pain due to chronic muscle tension
  • are recovering from soft-tissue injury (and the past acute healing phase)
  • seek options for injury prevention sit for extended period
  • participate in athletic activities that create stiff, sore muscles
  • are beginning a new exercise routine or yoga practice
  • want to remain clothed during themassage
  • want to feel energized and open at the end of the massage session


This session is performed on a comfortable, massage table. You, the receiver, are unclothed and covered with a sheet. The practitioner uses her soft, clean feet and oil to provide deep tissue massage to the major muscle groups of the body. Ashiatsu is indicated for people who :

  • want to relax deeply
  • enjoy a firm massage and want to experience deep tissue without the discomfort of pokey elbows and thumbs
  • delight in knowing that their therapist is using gravity to work deep and, therefore, exerting less effort and energy to give more pressure
  • are recovering from soft-tissue injury (and past the acute healing phase)
  • seek health-care options for injury prevention and improvement in functional body movement
  • need assistance in muscle recovery after strenuous activity