Deep tissue massage applied with the feet.



Bio : "Charlene is a board certified massage therapist and licensed massage therapist in the state of TN #4074. She graduated from Blue Cliff School of Therapeutic Massage in Gulfport, MS in 2001. She is an ashiatsu barefoot bodywork instructor trainer with Elevate Massage Training and a certified educator with the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education. She holds a B.A. in psychology and language and an M.A. in English/ESL from the University of Memphis. Charlene enjoys working with athletes, business professionals, fellow healthcare practitioners, full-time parents, spouses and families. Her treatments focus on pain relief from tired and sore muscles and a genuine restoration of a calm and relaxed BEING."

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This is deep tissue massage at it's finest. I'm trained to use my feet to do what other therapists do with their hands, elbows and forearms. Because the foot is a broader tool than a thumb or elbow it can disburse pressure over a wider area. This means that more pressure can be applied to those tight, stubborn tissues without causing pain or discomfort. Release chronic holding patterns, restore functional movement, bring fresh, oxygenated blood to the surface, speed recovery from intense activity and FINALLY get the pressure you've been craving. This session is performed with oil on a full size massage table and you will be undressed and covered with a sheet. At times it may be necessary for me to use my hands or add in some Thai-style stretching on the table, too! Barefoot bodywork is a good choice for clients who :

  • want to relax deeply
  • enjoy a firm massage and want to experience deep tissue without the discomfort of pokey elbows and thumbs
  • delight in knowing that their therapist is using gravity to work deep and, therefore, exerting less effort and energy to give more pressure
  • are recovering from soft-tissue injury (and past the acute healing phase)
  • seek health-care options for injury prevention and improvement in functional body movement
  • need assistance in muscle recovery after strenuous activity
  • experience pain due to chronic muscle tension
  • desire a spacious and open feeling in their body



  • All sessions are by appointment only. Please, no walk-ins.
  • Massage therapy services are not a substitute for medical examinations and/or diagnosis and it is recommended that you see a physician for any physical ailments.
  • You agree to truthfully disclose your current state of health to your massage practitioner and provide updates on your health on all subsequent visits.
  • Body hygiene and cleanliness will be suitable for receiving massage.
  • Massage is offered for therapeutic purposes only. Inappropriate suggestion or behavior will be unequivocally refused. Failure to follow this rule will result in immediate law enforcement reporting and termination of the session with no refund.
  • You should not receive massage if you have any of the following conditions : fever, hemorrhage, blood clots, inflamed lymph nodes, contagious disease, infectious skin disease, edema due to chronic heart failure or kidney failure, acute phlebitis and/or deep vein thrombosis, under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


CHARLENE Tuesday 10am - 4pm Wednesday 12pm - 6pm Thursday 10am - 4pm Saturday 11:30pm - 3pm


*updated May 2020 one hour session $100 one and one half hour session $150 tips are not included, never required, always appreciated


  • Complete the appointment request form below. You will receive a response within 48 - 72 hours with further instructions. Please expect a 2 - 4 week waiting period on all bookings. Same day appointments are not available.
  • All clients must complete the online intake form prior to the first appointment.
  • If you are late for an appointment the session will still end at the scheduled time. There will be no compensation given for the late start and you are responsible for the full amount of time reserved.


Preferred methods of payment are cash, check or VENMO Payments are made directly to your service provider after services are rendered. New clients may be asked to pay a 50% non-refundable deposit on their first appointment.

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